Protein pancakes with flaxseed flour

2 servings / working time approx. 20 minutes

2 bananas
2 eggs
25g flaxseed flour
75g ground pumpkin seeds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 handfuls of raspberries
some coconut oil to fry


For the Raspberry sauce you blend the raspberries with one of the bananas, put the sauce in a small cup and set aside.

Now puree the second banana with the eggs and stir in the ground pumpkin seeds, flaxseed flour and cinnamon.

Heat coconut oil in a pan and bake out the dough in portions. Do not spread the dough too thinly into the pan. Bake until golden brown on both sides.
Serve them warm and pour the raspberry-banana-sauce over them.

Hemp seeds and chocolate nibs also taste delicious as an additional topping.