Consistently awarded for 25 years

Guntram Hamlitsch | © Stefan Kristoferitsch

Juhuuuu! 🥳🥳🥳


Consistently awarded for 25 years!


And we are super proud of that, as you can imagine!😉


This is only possible becauce of our committed employees, our reliable suppliers and our great customer´s loyalty.


Since 25 years our pumpkin seed oil has been awarded every year.


Gold for Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and Styrian ORGANIC Pumpkin Seed Oil PGI!

>> Here you can find the individual certificates for our Styrian pumpkin seed oil: Awards


Thank you to Dr. Franz Siegfried Wagner

Dr. Wagner mit G. Hamlitsch | © Stefan Kristoferitsch

Our thanks go to our long-term partners in agriculture and our team, of course.


But we also say thank you to Dr. Franz Siegfried Wagner from the Institute Dr. Wagner in Lebring-St. Margarethen.


After all, he was the one who helped Styrian pumpkin seed oil to grow up.

At the anniversary, Dr. Wagner said: “And it is also a special anniversary for me personally to be able to professionally develop and support this special Styrian product for 25 years. Starting from the first steps to “growing up” what it is now:


A business card and an identity product of Styria.”

More than 25 years ago, Dr. Wagner developed parameters that can be used to describe and communicate the quality of pumpkin seed oil.


At the annual state awards, the pumpkin seed oils are examined, tasted and evaluated.


This tasting is carried out by a whole team of specially trained professional tasters.


“One pillar is the chemical-analytical pillar, where the laboratory examines whether the product meets European standards,” explains Wagner.


“The second pillar is the sensory pillar, where evaluations are made according to clearly defined quality parameters.”

Feierliche Übergabe der Sonderauszeichnung | © Stefan Kristoferitsch

How is it tasted and evaluated?

First you smell it and then you try it.


And you are allowed to sip and make smacking noises.


The so-called “Kernölschnalzen” (smacking of pumpkin seed oil) is necessary. This means that the aromatics and the noble, nutty taste of the pumpkin seed oil spread in your mouth.


Each pumpkin seed oil is tasted anonymously by two taster commissions.


The tasters on a commission agree on the freshness, purity, roasted note and consistency of the oil. The pumpkin seed oil is then tasted a second time.


If there are major differences between the two, there will be another tasting.

The color of pumpkin seed oil is assessed using a testing device from Dr. Wagner.


Styrian pumpkin seed oil is not just green, as you might think.


A dark green color with a reddish shimmer is typical for Styrian pumpkin seed oil.


No two pumpkin seed oils are the same. For an award-winning pumpkin seed oil, all steps must be perfect. From the field to the bottle.


“You have to know that the Styrian pumpkin seed has the memory of an elephant. “It remembers everything from harvesting to storage,” emphasizes Dr. Wagner.

How do you identify an award-winning Styrian pumpkin seed oil?

Logo 25 Jahre dauerhaft prämiert

These outstanding pumpkin seed oils can be identified by the golden sticker „Prämierter Kürbiskernölbetrieb 2024“.


And the best of the best have the sticker „25 Jahre durchgehend prämiert“.


Of course, we put this sticker on every bottle so that it is clearly visible! 😅


Our Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI and Styrian organic pumpkin seed oil PGI have been awarded again in 2024!


As experts in pumpkin seed oil, we also produce pumpkin seed oil for farmers on a contract basis.


Of course with the same care.

Our award-winning pumpkin seed oil

High-quality ingredients, care and teamwork are recipe for our successful Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI, which has been winning awards for the 25th time in a row.💚


Our award-winning pumpkin seed oil you find here!

© Stefan Kristoferitsch

Hello, we are

Guntram und Ulrike Hamlitsch mit dem Pokal für 20 Jahre dauerhaft prämiertes Steirisches Kürbiskernöl.

Ulrike und Guntram,

your experts on Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

We produce one of the best Styrian pumpkin seed oils out there for connoisseurs like you.


Our dream: To let the difference between your average pumpkin seed oil and our absolutely amazing Styrian pumpkin seed oil be noticed all the way to last corner of the world.


We pour our heart and soul into our products and you will taste it.


Ready to get to know us some more?

Guided tours around our oil mill

experience & enjoy

From pumpkin seed to pumpkin seed oil:

Experience the fascinating journey from pumpkin seed to pumpkin seed oil and enjoy our products’ variety of flavours in the oil tasting afterwards.


Count in some insider tips from our pumpkin seed oil expert.

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