Protein powder:

Partially de-oiled  – vegan – organic

In order to make our three organic protein flours (pumpkin seed, linseed and hemp seed flour), we partially de-oil our fresh, organic Austrian seeds gently, then grind them finely.


With 37-59% vegetable protein, they are a good source of protein for vegetarians, vegans and athletes and an alternative to conventional flour for people with food intolerance. read more…

Table of Contents

General information

  • High content of natural protein and fibre.
  • Low fat content (contains 75% less fat than ground seeds).
  • The optimum addition to a balanced diet.
  • Premium quality, regional, organic ingredients.
  • Without any additives at all, 100% natural.
  • Packed in a minimum of plastic – re-sealable


May contain traces of NUTS.

For connoisseurs like yourself: Discover your personal favourite recipes on our blog.

You can replace up to 30% of the flour with our protein flours without changing the recipe and thus increase the protein content.   If the percentage is higher, please increase the amount of liquid, since the flour swells a lot – especially the flaxseed flour.