Beet carpaccio with Schilcher wine vinegar seed oil dressing and roasted pumpkin seeds

Recipe for 4 people / working hours approx. 20 min.

600g beets (cooked, whole)
125g rapun salad
4 tbsp Hamlitsch pumpkin seeds
4 tbsp Hamlitsch Schilcher wine vinegar
6 tbsp Hamlitsch pumpkin seed oil
3 tbsp natural yogurt
Salt pepper
grated horseradish

Cut the beets into thin slices, arrange them on the plate and sprinkle with salad. For the dressing mix Schilcher wine vinegar, pumpkin seed oil, natural yoghurt, salt and pepper with a hand blender and spread over the beets. Roast the pumpkin seeds in a pan and sprinkle them together with the grated horseradish.