WE are

Our demand for high level quality forms the basis for YOUR satisfaction and this is of foremost importance to us, as a company. Our employees are trained to respond to the needs of our customers, within feasibility. In addition to quality, both in raw materials and finished products, flexibility is another of our strengths, our ability to react quickly to requests, is appreciated by numerous customers.

Guntram & Ulrike




ORGANIC quality guaranteed

The seal of quality "Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A." is protected throughout Europe and stands for proven origin of the pumpkin seeds as well as a guarantee for 100% pure pumpkin seed oil from the first pressing. Furthermore our company is subject to regular checks by the officials of Austria Bio-Garantie who check the organic quality of our suppliers' raw materials.

Continuous internal checking and testing (Checking of incoming goods using EDP-supported tracking of batches as well as quality control during production) as well as external controls by IFS, g.g.A. and Bio, and regular examination of the raw materials and finished products guarantee consistently high quality and assure qualtity of our products.



Austria farming 


100% FAIR

Not only do we care about the working conditions of our employees, we also have a heart for the conditions of our suppliers. This commitment to fair play begins at cultivation of the raw materials, continues to the good cooperation with our contract growers and culminates in the filling of the bottles. Our company does not steal out of its responsibility to the environment.

FOR LOVE of the environment

When planning and constructing our new company premises emphasis was placed on being able to produce and store our products whilst conserving energy and the environment. Waste is reduced to a minimum and by-products are recycled.

  • Electricity from our own system 
  • Solar system for hot water supply 
  • Plastic-reduced packaging
  • Local raw materials
  • Organic
  • Bee protection garden
    We support the protection of bees garden again as a sponsor for the information video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1uuF0xGZ_o, or the project "Flowering Landscape Bee & Co."