Salad oil extrafein

Excellent as a dressing for salads, to flavor soups, sauces and spreads.


Not suitable for frying!

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Place of origin

Austria/ Europe

Alcohol content

Drained weight

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ab  9,95

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 9,95 / liter

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Salad oil extrafein is a high-quality product from oil mill Hamlitsch. It is made in the traditional way from rapeseed oil and pumpkin seed oil and refines fine dishes and salads.


Dark green in color and with a nutty aroma it is typical example of regional gourmet tradition and has a very palatable taste.


A delicacy whereby two high-quality oils are blended into one.


If you store your pumpkin seed oil in the refrigerator we recommend that you take it out of the refrigerator some time before using it to enrich your salads so that it has time to develop its full aroma.




Shelf life: At least 10 months. Store away from heat and light. Keep tightly closed after opening and use within 3 months.


Ingredients: Rapeseed oil (65%), pumpkin seed oil (35%)

Nutrients per 100 g

Fat 100 g
of which Saturated fatty acids 10 g
of which Mono-unsaturated fatty acids 54 g
of which Polyunsaturated fatty acids 36 g
Energy kcal 900 g
Energy kJ 3700 g

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