Styrian 💚 French Toast 

2 servings / working time approx. 20 minutes

4 slices of rye sourdough bread
0.25L milk
2 pc eggs
1 handful of salad (Grazer Krauthäuptl, ruccola, spinach ...)
1 pc avocado
1 tbsp Styrian Hamlitsch pumpkin seed pesto
1 Käsekrainer (or ham, salami etc.)
1 tomato
some butter

For the bread slices, mix the egg with milk, salt and pepper in a deep plate. Place the bread slices in the milk-egg mixture and soak well.
Heat some butter in a pan and fry the Käsekrainer in it, then cut into thin slices and set aside.
Then slowly fry the soaked bread slices on both sides. In the meantime, chop the lettuce a little and cut the avocado and tomato into thin slices.
Layer the lettuce, avocado, pesto, Käsekrainer and tomato slices on the lower slice of bread and cover with the second slice of bread.
If necessary, fix it with a burger skewer, carefully cut diagonally and serve.