Pumpkin seed-rye-sourdough-bread

Working time: approx. 20 minutes
Total time: approx. 14 hours

Ingredients: (4 loaves of bread, each around 450g)

200g wholemeal rye flour
200g water
Sourdough Starter from the refrigerator

Bread dough
1000g wholemeal rye flour
800g water
20g bread spices (fennel, coriander, caraway seeds)
20g salt
50g pumpkin seeds
400g sourdough

In the evening mix the sourdough starter with flour and water and keep it at room temperature until next morning. It should rest for 6-8 hours.

Main dough:
The next morning, knead all the ingredients and the pre-dough into a dough and leave it covered for 8 hours at room temperature.
Shape 4 loaves and place them on a tray.

Preheat the oven to 230°C for 30 minutes, bake the bread with plenty of steam for 45 minutes.

By using a wooden spoon handle you can press 7-8 grooves into the bread, so that the breads look like small pumpkins. Recut the grooves with a knife, so the crust of the bread breaks at these points only.

Recipes for sourdough starters you will find  at "Baking with Christina" or  "Ofner "